Building Your Custom Home

The Building Process

1. Financing / Pre-approval
If you plan to finance your new home and have been pre-approved, it normally takes two to four weeks to close the loan. Mortgage lenders will want to have your final blueprint drawings and firm construction bids from your builder prior to final loan closing.

2. Choose your land
Whether you have a lot you would like to build your dream house on, or if you would like help in finding a lot, Cutler Signature Homes is ready to help you with the process.

3. Architectural Drawings and House Plans
Architectural drawings and detailed house plans usually take about 45 days. You'll need to make a design deposit equal to 5% of our preliminary quote, which will be credited towards your purchase, so your custom blueprints and architectural drawings are free. You may also choose to select a plan from a reputable home plan specialist.
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4. Construction Costs
Once your architectural drawings and detailed house plans are complete, costs can be finalized. It normally takes only a few weeks to get firm construction bids from Cutler Signature Homes. Unlike many other builders, we provide you with the cost of building your home, not a bid. This means that the price we quote you will be the price you pay (time limitations apply) . If there are any changes that require cost changes, you will be notified immediately and a change order will be signed so that there are no surprises at closing.
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5. Building Permits
Cutler Signature Homes will apply for and expedite permission to build by the various building authorities. This often takes only a week or two, but it can take longer if you're building in an environmentally sensitive area.

6. New Home Construction
Cutler Signature Homes believes in superior workmanship, affordable prices and an exceptional home building experience. Plan on 60 to 120 days to complete most home designs. There are many factors that can effect the timeline in a build.


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